If your child is absent from school please ensure that you inform the school by email: attendance@christchurch.croydon.sch.uk

Absences must be reported on the day or as soon as possible thereafter. If we do not know the reason for your child’s absence, this will be recorded as ‘unauthorised’.

Please ensure you mention:

Childs name and class:

Reason for the absence:

  • If unwell, please mention the nature of illness,
  • Your child should not be in school if they have a temperature  
  • Your child should not be in school if they have vomiting and/or diarrhoea. Please follow the 48 hour rule – 48 hours from the last bout of vomiting and/or diarrhoea.

For safeguarding reasons, on the 4th day of any period of absence for sickness we will be requesting medical evidence of the absence. This could be prescriptions, appointment cards/appointment letters, doctor’s notes, dated prescribed medications etc. If your child has vomiting or diarrhoea you will need to either have a telephone conversation with their GP or contact 111 to gain advice. Once this has been done please inform us of the date and time that the contact was made, so that if necessary the local authority can check. If evidence of this nature is not supplied when your child returns after an illness or medical absence, your child’s absence will be recorded as ‘unauthorised’.

Public health England’s ‘Guidance on Infection Control in Schools and other Childcare Settings’ (see below) gives school guidance regarding infection control and recommendations on periods of absence. For information regarding Covid-19, please see the Covid-19 section of our website here

We do understand that children have missed lots of their education recently, and that keeping children at home can be inconvenient to families. However, it is important that your child fully recovers from the illness so that they can continue learning and infection does not spread to other children in school. Please also make sure your child is up-to-date with immunisation. For advice, please see the NHS Choices website at www.nhs.uk or contact our school office who will direct you to the immunisation team.

Please refer to Guidance on Infection Control in Schools for further information. 

Any other absence requests should be emailed to the attention of the Head teacher who then will respond at her discretion.