Christ Church is committed to creating an actively anti-racist school environment, where staff, children and families feel supported, accepted, celebrated and valued for who they are. This is particularly important for those members of our community from ethnically diverse communities, and those who have lived experience of xenophobia or racism. We are actively trying to provide opportunities for children, staff and families to have a voice and share their experiences through our staff, parent and pupil anti-racism group. If you are interested in finding out more, or being a part of one of the groups then please speak to Mr Lane.

Anti-Racist Pupil Group Videos

A pupil group for Anti-Racism began this year and over 45 year five and six pupils joined us during their lunchbreak. Some of the year six pupils worked towards creating videos to help our school community develop cultural literacy – touching on the subjects of how to make EVERYONE feel welcome at school and how to be culturally sensitive when discussing the food we eat at lunchtime. We are currently working towards the Anti-Racist School award, which is helping us to remain accountable for the progress of our journey towards being an actively anti-racist school.

Making EVERYONE Feel Welcome 

Food in Our Packed Lunches