School Times

8.40am The School gates open allowing pupils’ time to come in to school and be prepared for the day ahead. On entry to the school premises, pupils line up in either the Key Stage 2 playground or outside a specific entrance door, depending upon which classroom they are based in.

8.45am Teachers come to collect pupils from the playground or open the door opposite classroom.

8.50am Start of school day. This ensures pupils are in school, settled and ready to learn.

The day starts with early work – this is a short piece of learning to develop a skill, improve a piece of work or pre-learn in preparation for the day. It is vital that children arrive in school on time so they that they get full access to all of the learning opportunities we have on offer.

Please be aware just being 10 minutes late to school each day means your child would miss almost an hours’ worth of learning in a week – if you consider that over 38 weeks of the year, that is lots of lost learning opportunities!

12.00pm – 1.00pm Lunch break. In addition there is a morning break.

3:10pm Gates open for parents.

3.15pm School finishes.

Christ Church School is open for compulsory education for 38 hours and 30 minutes per week.