For Children at CCS


Breakfast Club

Is held at Christ Church School, only for children attending Christ Church School.

From 7.45am £6.75

From 8.00am £5.40

(Run by a combination of staff members from PNS & CC. Staff ensure the children are taken to their classes for the start of the school day)


After School Club

Is held at Purley Nursery School for children who attend Christ Church School.

Until 5.00pm £10.50

Until 6.00pm £15.50

(The PNS staff will collect the children from Christ Church School at the end of the school day and bring them back to PNS. They are offered a drink and snack on arrival. A light tea is provided at 5pm only for the children staying on until 6pm e.g. Pasta / Jacket potato, fresh fruit and yoghurt)