School Improvement Plan

April 2019- April 2020

Summary of objectives

Key Objective 1 - To improve learning through establishing efficient and effective  feedback and marking

To establish pupil teacher review of learning and next steps conferences once a term

To develop an evidence based understanding of effective formative assessment that informs the development of effective learning environments with special focus on maths and English.

To develop clear policies and procedures for marking and feedback based on research.

Key Objective 2 - To improve maths teaching and learning

To develop and establish maths teaching expectations

Key Objective 3To ensure that the curriculum is distinctively Christian,  relevant and engaging for children in our community and allows for pupil led learning/ creativity.

To have a clear and coherent rationale for our curriculum.

The school values will be an explicit and integral part of our curriculum.

To ensure that our  curriculum promotes spiritual development

All teachers to have a clear understanding of the contribution that their year group makes to the development of skills in art, history, geography, science and DT

To ensure pupils to play a role in developing the curriculum.

To develop creative classrooms which are effective learning environments.

To develop the use of Google Drive and Google classroom to ensure children are confident users of technology to enhance learning.

Key Objective 4To have support in place for ensuring the mental health and wellbeing of staff and children.

To have a mental health policy in place that reflects procedures and protocols established in school.

Raise staff awareness of mental health concerns and  what to do in the event of becoming aware of a mental health issue in themselves or others.

Key Objective 5 – To ensure the Governors are known in the school community and effective in improving outcomes for children.

To improve Governor visibility in the wider community of each school.

Key Objective 6 – To ensure effective home school communication

To manage parent expectations about home school communication.

To review and develop home school communications

This is a summary of the School Improvement Plan for the year April 19 to April 20. A full detailed version is available on request from the school office.